Elevate B2B sales with ERP integrated E-commerce

Elevate B2B sales with ERP integrated E-commerce

Over the past few years, it has been observed that several B2B companies have adopted online channels, to achieve their overall business goals. The B2B sales cycle is longer and more complex than its B2C counterpart. B2B requires accurate evaluation and estimates, multiple decision makers and careful analytics of several data. E-commerce has paved a new digital route for B2B companies, to find long-term success. The key features of B2C is incorporated within the digital platforms of B2B as well, such as product and price transparency, simplified ordering, and 24/7 account access.

ERP integration means that your clients are always getting comprehensive, up-to-date product and pricing information. To realize the full potential and efficiency of eCommerce, integration with your ERP means almost complete automation.This might seem obvious, but ERP integration streamlines your company’s business data, including pricing information. It ensures that a single version of all data exists in a unified database. The buying experience can be significantly enhanced if it includes a beautiful e-catalog that shows your products to their best advantage and is easy to use. As sales reps are freed from time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks, they have more time to spend nurturing relationships with their buyers, consulting and partnering with them to help improve their business. They can up-sell, cross-sell and dramatically increase sales revenue. In this new scenario, sales reps will need to be far more customer-centric, acting as a trusted adviser to their buyers.

The first responsibility of any business is to take care of its customers. Providing strong self-service options for placing orders and updating accounts is part of this. It takes time and effort to build a relationship with your potential customer. After you have invested in developing a customer you want to ensure they stay with you and don’t stray to one of your competitors. Moving contacts along the sales pipeline is often a time consuming and lengthy process, especially if your products have a high value. A B2B e-commerce storefront can be used not just for your customer to place self-service orders 24/7 but also to develop the relationship.

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