Implement SAP C4C in a smarter way

Implement SAP C4C in a smarter way

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, also known as SAP C4C comes with a plethora of promises for both Business and IT; like faster innovation cycles; lower total cost of ownership; enable IT departments to deliver a faster time-to-value solution; and more about provide access anytime from any device with a fresh new user experience.

However, this SaaS Solution implementation needs a mind-set change about the deployment process. The focus on pre-configured ‘best practice’ solutions encourage adoption of standard functionality; which means the functionality can be delivered more quickly and in smaller packages; in weeks, rather than months (or years!). SAP C4C is designed with less configuration flexibility unlike SAP on premise solutions like SAP ECC or SAP CRM; with the emphasis, more on adoption of standard processes and features and align with product vision with regular additions via new releases – rapid, regular (quarterly) and continual releases.

The key implementation tasks are: Solution Configuration, Data Migration, Interfaces, Reporting, Forms and Enhancements. SAP C4C offers a simple intuitive three steps configuration approach

  • Solution scoping
  • Scoping questions
  • Solution fine-tuning

This acts as a deployment accelerator, thus saving time and effort.

On completion of configuration, a Scoping document in PDF format is generated by the system; which can be used a Blue-Print document.

Similarly, SAP C4C offers a standard data migration process- Flat file creation, Data reconciliation and Data Validation. It provides an Excel template to use for all master and transaction data with a user guide for the data types and minimum requirements. Extensive use of guided procedures and contextual help brings the ease of use and accelerates data migration process.

SAP provides 3 options for integrating SAP C4C with SAP ECC and SAP CRM (a) SAP Hana Cloud Integration (b) SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (or SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration) (c) 3<sup>rd</sup> Party Integration platform; along with pre-packaged integration scenarios. SAP HCI is recommended if NW PI (or NW PO) is not actively used.

The faster, simpler implementation approach makes the organisations move faster in their digital transformation journey; at least in Sales, Service and Social media engagement.

Winvest Technology Consultancy Services (WINVEST) with its rich experience in SAP platform provides an unique consulting service in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) implementation that helps Customers in saving time, effort and cost. Recently WINVEST successfully completed a SAP Hybris project with C4C implementation with its customer – a large Group Company in Portugal.

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