Plant Maintenance – no more an operational function at shop floor

Plant Maintenance – no more an operational function at shop floor

It is a well-known fact that any capital asset intensive plant, for its sustainable operation; depends on its asset utilization and availability. For any plant owner and/or operator; the most important data points lie around Assets – Asset Life cycle, Return on Asset, Remaining Useful Life of Asset etc.

Plant Maintenance though sounds like an operational function; is indeed the strategic intervention for effective enterprise asset management. Hence Plant Maintenance is more about collecting and analyzing Asset information in a more smarter manner. Asset information may be static information related to asset definition, assembly/sub assembly definition, manufacturer data sheets, drawings, instructions and manuals. Or it may be about asset history that is about asset utilization, conditions, deviations, maintenance logs, maintenance team knowledge base; anything that relates to past performance of the assets and work done on the assets. With the technology advancement in sensors and with IOT world, it goes one step further. It is now possible to gather real-time operational data of the assets’ conditions, performance and deviations.

With the Software tools around Document Management, Quality Management, ERP, IOT, Mobility and BI, the tasks in hand for the Plant Engineers/Managers are more than merely scheduling preventive, corrective maintenance or attending to breakdown maintenance. Their job is now around gathering intelligence from the data that supports forecasting asset availability and remaining useful life of the assets. Such data driven insights are definitely more reliable than those based on intuitions and prior experience. Data analysis, scenario planning combined with expert assessment can provide a valuable prognostic solution to Plant Engineers/Managers to predict with relative accuracy on which asset may get into trouble in future; thus avoiding downtime in a smarter way.

Winvest Technology Consultancy Services with its rich experience in Manufacturing, Utility domains; expertise in SAP-PM (Plant Maintenance) provides an unique consulting service that helps customers to strategize their futuristic Maintenance organisation that is reliable, asset centric and meets regulatory compliance enabling business a sustainable continuous operation.

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