ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX) based Software Solution (AX/Construction) tailored for meeting all requirements and needs of companies within the Construction Industry. The solution ensures flexible instruments and project management methods for effective organization and delegation of time, equipment, materials, and employees.

AX/construction boosts construction companies’ profitability by enhancing customer service, contractor’s relationship management, facilitates executed projects invoicing, and simultaneously allows expenses control while integrating information from the various divisions of the enterprise.

WINVEST with its partner IntelligentSystems group has developed proven solutions, methodology and tools to assist the customer in implementation and integration with external systems.

Solution Highlights

  • Project Management – Financials, Invoicing, Resources, Multiple Firms & Currencies
  • Preparations of offers for Investors/Contractors through construction job lists
  • Contracts with Sub-contractors with all necessary parameters as well as invoicing and reporting by Sub-contractor agreement with the Contractor
  • Budget preparation for materials, labour, mechanization, external services, and additional project expenses
  • Utilized resources reporting – materials, labour, mechanization, and services for the different stages, site parts or particular construction jobs
  • Ability to automatically recognize costs and revenue on the basis of Stage of completion method
  • Automatic invoicing according to the finished quantities of the different jobs for specific period
  • WIP management
  • Automatic proposal for consumption of materials based on the finished quantities and the construction norms

Solution Benefits

  • Automated management and tracking of all activities in Project Life-Cycle
  • Financial results tracking by site, sub-site, divisions, etc.
  • Facilitated project invoicing and simultaneous expense controlling
  • Guaranteed compliance with company policies or quality initiatives
  • Improved planning capabilities of current and future capacity with regards to company growth
  • Amended customer service and customer loyalty
  • Enhanced compatibility and compliance with legislative regulations
  • Ensures identifying risk indicators to facilitate management decision making

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