CRM Solution

The CRM solution from WINVEST is a highly modular platform that manages lead generation to sales to customer service and organizes tasks, documents, metrics in a structured way, accessible to anyone in the organization from anywhere, anytime.

The solution is developed using Open Source Technologyand hosted on the Cloud; which is easily accessible in a secured way and is scalable and affordable.

The CRM Solution is meant to be collaborative tool for the team(s) to connect better with the Customer(s).

Solution Highlights

    1. Contact data base with status
    2. Tasks, Activities, Documents, Notes
    3. Notification engine
    4. Rule based escalation
    5. Calendar integration
    6. Ticket log and closure
    7. Dashboard with analytics

Solution Benefits

  • Pipeline Review
  • Smarter Customer connect
  • Increase in customer acquisition and retention
  • Better Customer Service
  • Analysis on sales and customer service
  • 3600view of Customer information

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