In the Digital age, Citizenship evolved into Cyber-Citizenship with the ubiquitous mobile devices, internet bandwidth, cloud technology and social media. Public Administration is undergoing a significant transformation in its citizen services in terms of responsiveness and degree of interaction.

WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has developed proven Digital Citizenship solutions, methodology and tools to assist the Public Administration departments in implementation and integration with external systems.

Solution Highlights

  1. Features like:
    • News
    • Events
    • Occurrences
    • Service Registrations
    • Pet Registration
    • Grievances
    • Requests for Documents
  2. Easy extension to include other features like
    • Useful Contacts
    • Waste Collection
    • Referendum
    • Budgeting

Solution Benefits

  • Proactive powering link between Public Administration and Citizens
  • Participation and Information from Citizens help Boards/Chambers to make better decisions for the Community
  • Responsiveness of Public Administration brings satisfaction to Community

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