Enterprise solution that enables Logistics and Transportation industry modelling complex transport operations, dynamic multi-day planning, scheduling and controlling.

WINVEST with its partner Opsi Systems has developed proven solutions, methodology and tools to assist the customer in implementation and integration with external systems, GPS and control systems.

Solution Highlights

  1. Integrated distribution models
      • Seamlessly plan and control both primary and secondary distribution in the same workflow for increased efficiency
  2. Detailed optimization
      • Simulates the distribution environments
  3. Dynamic Scheduling
      • Re-optimize in case of unexpected event
  4. Planned vs Actual route comparisons
      • Overlay actual route with planned route using GPS data
  5. Event Triggers
      • Trigger actions and communication based on status and limits

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced travel distance
  • Decreased reliance on hired fleet
  • Shorter planning times
  • Smaller load bay queues
  • Effective resource utilization

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