A scalable state-of-the-art solution to address the need of Micro Finance Industry built with rich domain expertise; that is developed on contemporary Microsoft technology with mobile platform extension. WINVEST with its partner Alpharithm assists the customers in implementing and integrating the solution either on-premise or cloud platform.

The solution is robust yet flexible enough that offers product configuration, multi-currency, workflow enabling smooth loan processes- scrutiny, sanction, disbursement and collection.

Solution Highlights

Financial Product Builder

  • Dynamically defines new products

Limit Management

  • Track and validate credit limits

Complete Loan processing module

  • Flexibility in defining repayment schedule
  • Dynamic interest calculation

Comprehensive in account servicing

  • To account for cash and cheque
  • To provide day-to-day interest calculation
  • To automatically calculate the interest and additional financial charges (delays)

Strong Delinquency Management System

  • To track and manage delinquencies
  • To generate warnings and correspondence

Loan Closures

  • Handles pre-closure

Total Customer Servicing

  • Generate Account Statement – any frequency

Comprehensive Financial Accounting

  • Financial Statements in user defined formats

Solution Benefits

  • Hierarchical structure of geography and authority
  • KYC based on guidelines
  • Effective validations and controls
  • User defined credit conditions, scoring and evaluation
  • Compatible formats for third party integration
  • Single or multi-stage Disbursement
  • Regeneration of repayment schedules on advance payments
  • Auto receipts for better customer service and collection
  • Finance reporting tools

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