A flexible solution that enables planning and managing visits of mobile workforce, i.e. sales people, field service technicians, hygiene workers, home care providers, delivery agents, waste collection agents providing regular and cyclic services to customers.

WINVEST with its partner Opsi Systems has developed proven solution, methodology and tools to assist the customer in implementation and integration with external systems.

The combination of optimisation and visualisation tools assist in quick and detailed what-if analysis. Better planning translates into cost reduction through better resource utilisation and reduced travel distances.

Solution Highlights

Drawing tool

  • A powerful region drawing tool for creating borders using client sites, clusters and routes for quickly identifying region overlaps and gaps

Detailed Modelling

  • Automatically generates routes via algorithms based on factors like anchor & chain stores, heterogeneous vehicles, preferred visit days and more

Heat-Map functionality

  • Represent client workload or visit frequency as visual heat-map to identify high-service areas

Visual Filters

  • Helps users quickly switch between different sets of data

Event Triggers

  • Trigger actions and communication based on status and limits

Reporting Tools

  • Graphs, Charts, Reporting and Exporting tools for easy presentations and integration with other programs

Google Maps

  • Integration with Google Map provides a friendly map viewer

Solution Benefits

  • Contract costing
  • Master Routes
  • Sales Routing
  • Nominated Delivery Days
  • Distribution Strategy Evaluation
  • GIS Visualization

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