From irrigation pivots, sprinklers and drip irrigation/fertigation systems to the associated water boreholes and electricity supply, Agricultural producers have to execute a wide variety of daily operations, in field across several systems (in many cases from different vendors) to maintain the productions up and running.

WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has a proven Cloud based solution using IOT technology that is designed to help Agriculture producers on the effective management, control, programming and reporting across the different irrigation and fertigation systems including the associated energy supply sources.

WINVEST with its partner COMPTA has developed methodology and tools to assist the customer in implementation and integration with external systems.

Solution Highlights

  1. Integrated operations: single platform for multiple systems management
    • Water/Energy meters
    • Irrigation Pivots
    • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
    • Drip Irrigation Systems
    • Boreholes and Pumps
    • Agricultural Sensors
  2. Programming and Settings of controllers
  3. Indicators and Alarms (Console, E-mail, SMS)
  4. Sensing and Predicting
  5. Real-time reporting

Solution Benefits

  • Supports integration with most popular sensors
  • Reduces operation complexity and related execution work-times
  • Real-time data access & consolidated reporting
  • Integration with meteorological information for predictive irrigation
  • Savings in water, energy and human resource utilisation
  • Smart Irrigation and Fertigation – Anytime, Anywhere – Smart Agriculture

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