Winvest’s experience & knowledge in developing a B2B high-volume message integration platform is definitely a service for the customers to leverage. The component Win-Switch is an asynchronous data exchange and messaging platform enabling smooth integration with third-party applications, portals and other web applications which require data exchange and fits into a loosely coupled architecture resulting in flexibility and efficiency.

The highly scalable and affordable solution is developed using OpenSource Apache Kafkaand hosted on the Cloud and is easily accessible in a secured way.

This component can be used in any volume-based asynchronous messaging requirements in any structure coded in standard XML as desired by the consumers, e.g. Invoice submissions from Medical Practices to different Medical Aid Providers (Insurance companies) and receiving ERAs.

Solution Highlights

    1. Real-time B2B integration
    2. High Volume messaging
    3. Any Message structure with rule-based translation
    4. Proof of Submissions
    5. Extensive Dashboard Capabilities

Solution Benefits

  • Guaranteed transmission
  • Persistent Storage
  • Data Visualization
  • Increased efficiency in tracking submissions & receipts

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