Cibecs is a complete solution for simple & secure business data protection and equips business IT with industry-leading endpoint backup and DLP which includes encryption, remote wipe and Data Theft Prevention. From granular central policy setting, to being able to centrally enable encryption, remotely wipe or revoke data access and enable geolocation of devices, Cibecs is built for complete central control over business endpoints.

Trusted by over 30,000 organizations in 100 countries, MailStore is one of the worlds leading solutions for email archiving, management and compliance for small and medium-sized businesses. MailStore creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of any amount of data for years to come. Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at breathtaking speed.

Advanced backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments with centralized management for SMBs and large enterprises. It has gent-based option to safeguard physical machines, other hypervisor clients and fault-tolerant systems, exclude filters for enterprise-level applications. It can help perform Bare-metal disaster recovery in minutes and NearCDP through fast incremental backups. It supports Distributed architecture and two-tier backup storage infrastructure with Backup Server application and retention policies.

Server Backup Manager is a Fast, Smart, Affordable Server Backup Software. It can manage thousands of servers with a single, web-based console that allows users to select individual files, directories, or entire file systems to be restored within minutes. It performs incremental backups at block level, shortening backup windows and reducing disk space and network I/O. Developed with hosting providers in mind, Server Backup Manager is used by nearly 1,800 service providers, protecting 250,000 servers.

SBAdmin provides the most flexible bare-metal recovery solution for Linux and Unix Systems. SBAdmin is designed to provide bare-metal recovery for AIX, Linux, and Solaris systems in their entirety, quickly and reliably so that you are able to resume operations with minimal downtime and effort. SBAdmin will do so in such a manner that you may restore the system to the same, similar, or completely different hardware using what we call Adaptable System Recovery (ASR). With ASR, you do not need to worry about keeping identical hardware available in case of a disaster. Your offsite recovery plan can be simplified by restoring production systems onto whatever hardware (physical or virtual) is readily available.

Easy to use and affordable backup software for Hyper-V and VMware, backed by outstanding support. Altaro Software is a fast growing developer of easy to use backup solutions targeted towards SMBs and focused primarily on Microsoft Hyper-V Server and VMware ESXi/vCenter/vSphere. It�s built specifically for SMBs with up to 50 host servers and is trusted by over 30,000 customers to back up and restore their virtual machines. Eliminate hassle and headaches with an easy-to-use interface, straightforward setup and a backup solution that gets the job done every time, without the budget drain. Altaro VM Backup is reliable, intuitive and feature-rich, plus you get outstanding support as part of the package.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is designed to seamlessly plug into your VMware virtual and cloud environment. You can back up VMware VMs on schedule or ad hoc, both locally over LAN and offsite over (a slow) WAN. VM replication creates and maintains an identical copy of the source VM on a target host. You can replicate live VMs on schedule or ad hoc locally and offsite and simply power them on in case the source VM is lost or damaged. You can even save up to 30 recovery points per replica.

EDpCloud is a cross platform file transfer solution (but not ftp) and file replication to sync and share data securely and automatically between non homogeneous systems on the LAN, MAN, WLAN, MESH or WAN. The solution is used to automate data protection and data sharing between branch offices, business processes and server nodes. EDpCloud is used to replicate data automatically between geographic sites for data sharing, workflow and for online remote PC or server backup. EDpCloud allows you to synchronize and share files between geographic locations and between systems.

File Replication Pro (FRP) has been delivering advanced file replication & synchronization technology to customers worldwide for over 15 years. File Replication Pro provides a reliable, superfast, and cost effective solution to the file sharing and availability needs of companies and organizations of all sizes including international networks. Robust features include advanced job scheduling, file delta identification, real time O/S hooks, bit level comparison, web GUI administration, bandwidth throttling and native cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).

ClusterReplica has a built-in backup tool which lets you back up whatever important data to XLink Backup eStorage. With this built-in backup function, ClusterReplica is not only working to maintain your critical server up running 24×7, it also backs up your data and versionizes them in the way you want. Using the latest Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology, ClusterReplica replicates data in real-time while SQL or IIS server service are running. ClusterReplica Enterprise measures the network speed and automatically applies the fast compression to data replication over slow LAN or WAN. Auto-compression guarantees the best performance for data replication no matter it is over high speed LAN or low speed WAN.

StarWind Virtual SAN is entirely software-based, hypervisor-centric virtual machine storage. For SMB, ROBO, Cloud and Hosting providers, who look to cut down virtualization expenses, our solution is StarWind VSAN. It is software that eliminates any need in physical shared storage by basically mirroring internal hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers. There is less hardware to buy in general, consequently less money is spent on purchase and maintenance. The existing hardware is used with maximum efficiency, so there is no money wasted at all.

File Archiver delivers a policy-based solution that calms the demanding complexity of file management. It comprises two modules, File Archiver itself, and File Analyzer. File Archiver automatically removes files according to policies you set and frees up space on your expensive storage devices. It replaces the files with links to the file that was moved to the archive. It is seamless to applications and users. File Analyzer allows you view your files in a way that suits you. FileAnalyzer scans your documents and allows you to view them by owner, server, type, size, location, name � however you need to view them, File Analyzer can help.

FileCloud is an Enterprise File Access, Sync and Share solution that runs on-premise, integrated with your own IT infrastructure and using your own storage. It is a feature rich solution that includes remote access over mobile without VPN, secure file sharing, office and outlook integration, custom branding, enterprise integration, data leak prevention, multi tenancy, Integrate with Existing file shares and Identity systems and many more.

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