Supply chain partner for success in the Mining Industry

Supply chain partner for success in the Mining Industry

Gain industry leadership by optimizing your supply chain with the right ERP system. Achieve operational efficiency and increase productivity with a highly secure solution to help with every aspect, from logistics to site management and more. It will prove to be a critical asset that can boost your business’ position in the mining industry effortlessly.

The solution you choose should be able to adapt and change as your business grows, and should envelope every process involved in the business as a whole, be it exploration, land management, procurement, inventory management, production, asset maintenance and management, supply chain planning, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, workforce management, finance and analytics and so on. Here are some of the few ways an appropriate cloud solution can push your business forward.

Increase operational efficiency

With increased transparency you can plan your next steps on-the-go to meet changes and challenges in the market. Make quicker decisions and adopt scientific planning with real-time updates and mobile services so plans can be executed on the move.

Manage exploration sites

Manage equipment, allocate resources and form a scheduled plan for multiple sites simultaneously. An exclusive mining management software can capture site surveys, estimate funds, generate analytics and track performance; with this increased visibility you can model a  coherent plan for all sites or use a tailored approach for each one accordingly.

Optimize logistics and transportation

Save on costs with the right scheduling and logistics planning. Overcome contract obstacles and streamline transportation over different modes and volumes. Handle stockpile management and stage-to-stage delivery seamlessly with insights gained from data and projections. With successful implementation of the solution you can find minimum deviation from projected results to actual results.

Manage rules and regulations

Stay updated with all changes in rules and regulations from the concerned authorities. Manage your risks better, with an integrated approach to governance you can improve the way you adhere to compliance programs and make a clear channel of access to required documentation and information.

 Manage inventory

Ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner and reduce wastage significantly. With increased transparency and real-time information managing multiple stockpiles and warehouses becomes much easier. Your solution should support cycle count processes, serial tracking, multiple locations, and multiple units of measure and so on.

Asset management

Manage the entire asset life-cycle, ensure its proper utilization and maintenance. From budgeting, procurement, repair and troubleshooting; your solution should be able to control all of these aspects and more. Obtain an improved return on assets and benefit from functionalities such as predictive cycled and outsourcing certain asset maintenance operations.

Insights and analytics

Gain business insights and manage data effectively. Through the use of dashboards, performance indicators and scorecards you can make quick and smart decisions that will directly affect your business. Generate reports and schedules easily and benefit from a variety of analytics such as asset utilization, vendor ageing, mineable reserves, performance estimation and so much more.

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